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Experimental Concert in Barcelona Shows Promising Results

An experimental concert in Barcelona with 5,000 fans and no social distancing has shown promising results for the music and touring industry. According to the BBC, fans were asked to take covid-19 tests prior to the show with all positive results being denied entry. While inside, fans had to wear masks at all times but social distancing was not required.

Image credit: The BBC

Now, a month later the results show very little covid transmission took place during the actual event. Six people tested positive for covid-19 within 14 days of the concert but four out of the six cases were traced back to somewhere else other then the show. In total, out of 5,000 fans, two covid-19 cases were a result from the show.

It's important to note the event had strict sanitizing rules, mask mandates and testing prior to the show. It was authorized by local authorities in Barcelona and was monitored the entire time by researchers. While testing and law enforcement might not be feasible for local venues around the world, the results from this experiment are promising. With global vaccination numbers on the rise, places like the U.S. and Europe are aiming for a return to live shows this summer, with a normalized touring schedule by fall.

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