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INTERVIEW: Jay Koster of Canada's Newest Punk Band: The Fallaways

Updated: Aug 25, 2020

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Representing Canada's West Coast, The Fallaways have been a dominant force in Vancouver's punk rock scene since releasing their first EP Skiddish in 2017. Since then the band has been asked to tour with everyone from Dune Rats to Royal Tusk and recently released their follow-up EP Sunset Ave this past July. Rock Is Dead spoke to lead singer Jay Koster of The Fallaways to learn about working with their heroes, touring North America and what it's like to release new music during a pandemic.

How did you guys decide to work with Zac Carper of FIDLAR, and what was he like as a producer? 

When we first started writing "Dumb" we thought it was the perfect song to pitch to Zac. We sent him a message on instagram and he told me to send the track over... but I didn't even have anything recorded for a demo at that point. We whipped together this half assed demo in the next half hour or so and sent it to him.. I guess he was pretty stoked on it. FIDLAR was playing in Vancouver the following weekend and we grabbed dinner with him before the show to talk about him producing The Fallaways. That pretty much brings us here.

Why was it important to have a video released alongside each single?

The idea of having some sort of visual concept with every song has always been cool to me. A music video doesn’t HAVE to be a big production.. they're great eye candy but DIY videos go a long way. FIDLAR was huge for showing me that.

How have you found ways to connect with fans when touring is put on hold?

We use instagram live to check in every couple weeks and let people know what we're up to and play a little acoustic set once in a while. We've also had enough content to slowly release over the break so far to keep ourselves as relevant as possible.

New EP - Sunset Ave - Available Now

You hail Green Day and Fall Out Boy as influences but are there any artists you look up to that might be surprising for fans?

Whattup ABBA?! Seriously, ABBA slaps.

How has your sound evolved since the Skiddish EP in 2017? 

I think the music has gotten more honest, the songs on Sunset Ave are a little more raw and less produced than Skiddish.

You've toured with some great punk bands, what are some lessons you've learned on the road?

Appreciate the small things!! And sleep as much as you can, getting sick on the road in the middle of winter is no easy go.

What cities have been your favourite shows to play so far?

We had a great time ripping it up in Toronto!! Kelowna is always a blast for us as well.

Coming from Vancouver, how has the punk scene evolved since you guys started making music?

We originally started out in Kelowna but Vancouver was an interesting scene to transition to.. our house parties/shows are what really got things rolling for us here. Thanks Zac 😘

Who are some of your favourite West Coast bands?

Culture Abuse, Dead Soft, and Fast Friends have all been killing it!

Last question (and most important) what is your drink of choice? 


The Fallaways Online: Website | Instagram | Twitter | Facebook | YouTube | Spotify

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