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January Monthly Round Up

Welcome back to Rock Is Dead's Monthly Round Up. After a quick holiday break, the Monthly Round Up is back and we're filtering through the best of new music and emerging talent.


1) BRKN Love

BRKN Love might be from Toronto, but this band has established their roots in New York City, Hollywood and everywhere in-between. Their blues based heavy guitar riffs fit in perfectly with rock's revival but their vocalist Justin Benlolo, turns their sound into something else. His howls seem to combine elements from 70s classic rock, 80s hair metal and even 90s grunge for his own unique sound. It's an interesting combination but we're not complaining. The band is currently touring across Canada and will be making appearances at rock's most notable festivals this summer including; Welcome To Rockville, Epicenter and Sonic Temple.

BRKN Love: Website | Facebook | Instagram | Twitter

2) Colony House

Okay so technically Colony House isn't an "emerging artist" as this list promotes, but their recent transformation has the world looking at them in a whole new light. They broke onto the scene in 2014 and had huge success with their debut album When I Was Younger. They spent the following years touring, playing on late night TV shows and pushing out another album, only for things to change in 2018. They wanted to transition out of the major label system and back to the roots their music was built on. In 2019 they

announced their third album Leave What's Lost Behind, and have just embarked on a North American tour.

Colony House: Website | Facebook | Instagram | Twitter

3) Yola

If you haven't already heard of Yola

-the Queen of Country Soul-

then you've clearly been living under a rock these past few months. She's the latest protégé from Dan Auerbach's record label, Easy Eye Sound and was recently nominated for Best New Artist at the Grammy Awards. Her celebrity fans include everyone from Brandi Carlile to Greta Van Fleet and Jay Beauchanan from Rival Sons. Her strong suit is live performance where her exuberant vocals take centre stage.

Yola: Website | Facebook | Instagram | Twitter


IDA MAE is no stranger to Rock Is Dead, as they were featured on the site last year while on tour with Greta Van Fleet. Since then, they've had tour stints with Willie Nelson and began headlining clubs and small venues across the U.S. and Canada. They've recently released a live EP which was recorded in Memphis, and captures the special connection between the two songwriters. Everyone knows IDA MAE's live show is a force to be reckoned with, and their onstage chemistry and talent has been perfectly transmitted through this recording. While recording in Memphis the pair went back to the roots of blues and rock music, and found themselves emerged deep in American musical history. Currently, they are working on album number two and are planning more touring for 2020.

IDA MAE: Website | Facebook | Instagram

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