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Monthly Roundup: New Bands To Check Out

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REFUGE just might be the coolest band on the list this month. Comprised of a group of expat teens ranging from 12-15 years old, REFUGE is the next Greta Van Fleet coming out of Nairobi, Kenya. Yes, you read that correctly. Their bluesy sound is backed by a 6-person band, all of whom have made Kenya home due to their parents work in international aid and development. Although Kenyan based, the band’s diversity sees members originating from Bolivia, Ethiopia, Bangladesh, Zambia, USA and The U.K. Influences range all over from Santana to Led Zeppelin, Jethro Tull, CSNY, Janis Joplin, and The Band. Despite having radio success in East Africa, the band is primarily relying on social media and streaming services to launch their careers in the western world. You can currently listen to their 9-song EP Heaven to a Heavy Soul, on Spotify now. This summer will see them playing some international shows before they go back home and to get ready for the upcoming school year (stay in school kids!). In the days where anyone can make music from their iPad, what's more rock n'roll than a group of kids getting together to play real instruments? These guys have a lot of work to do if they’ll want to break it globally, but the talent is there. Check out Refuge, if you’re into Greta Van Fleet, The Black Keys and The Allman Brothers Band.

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Goodbye June

When it comes to genre blending in a rock band sonically things can get a little messy, but Goodbye June knows how to do it right. Their very unique rock n’roll sound flips between influences from the 70’s and 80’s for a sound that’s purely their own. They’ll pair 70’s style acoustics with their singers wailing 80’s inspired howls for a sound that shouldn’t work… but does. The band has received good attention in both the U.S and Europe but has yet to make waves here in Canada. They have toured with ZZ Top, Halestorm, Greta Van Fleet, and will be releasing their sophomore album Community Inn on October 25th. Check out Goodbye June, if you’re into The Glorious Sons, Tyler Bryant & The Shakedown and The Blue Stones.

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This trio summoning Saskatoon, Saskatchewan have had much touring success recently with a string a dates across Canada alongside fellow Canucks, The Trews. The band continuted their collaboration with The Trews, when they enlisted them as co-writers on their debut single, “Top of My Heart”. Their song has garnered radio attention all over Canada, and has had streaming success in Europe, England and Australia. The band was a featured group for Canadian Music Week and will hopefully be releasing more music soon. The group describes their sound as an AC/DC & Bryan Adams fusion , but if you throw in a more melodic tone, and a catchy hook and you’ve got their single in a nutshell. With only one song currently on Spotify, you’ll have to catch the group live to hear more. Check out W3APONS, if you’re into The Killers, Bleachers, and Catfish and the Bottlemen.

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Another rock trio hailing from the Great White North, Huttch brings a groovy and psychedelic vibe to their 70’s era sounds. The band from Windsor, Ontario, have made their mark on the Canadian music scene with frequent shows at legendary Toronto venues like The Horseshoe Tavern, Bovine Sex Club and Rivoli. Following in the footsteps of some of their favourite Canadian indie bands such as Hollerado and Yukon Blonde, the band's do-it-yourself attitude has seen them experiment with a mix of classic rock throwback sounds, and a little indie vibe stirred in on the occasion. Their debut album Huttchino is out now. Check out Huttch, if you’re into Altameda, The Beaches and The Sheepdogs.

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Alien Weaponry

Here at Rock Is Dead we don't discriminate, so why not include a heavy metal thrasher band, who sings in New Zealand's indigenous language Te Reo Māori?! Making waves across the heavy metal scene for the past few years, these teenagers initially released an EP in 2014, then slowly began working on their debut LP. In 2018, the band released their debut album Tū, to critical acclaim in the hard rock and metal world. The band has seen incredible success on streaming platforms and will be touring for the remainder of the year. Check out Alien Weaponry if you're into Killer Be Killed, Lost Society or Cavalera Conspiracy.

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Christope Brysse // Via @AlienWeaponry

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