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Welcome to Rock Is Dead's first NEW TUNES segment of 2021. Here we dive into the best Rock, Indie and Alternative songs that have started the new year off with a bang.


Yester Daze

Let's talk about Yester Daze, the Montreal based hard rock trio that just released their latest single "Backseat Bingo." Think of this song like a Nickleback era arena tune but without the annoying frontman. The band will be dropping a new EP on February 26th which is said to "bridge the gap between heavy riffs and pop melodies." Check out "Backseat Bingo" here.

Yester Daze Online: Website | Facebook | Instagram

Luna Aura

Chances are if you're a fan of The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina then you're already familiar with Luna Aura and her massive hit "HONEY." The song exploded after it was featured in the Netflix series and has since drawn attention to the singer-songwriter from Los Angeles. Her songs radiate a type of feminine angst that'll make her a force to be reckoned with in 2021. Check out Luna Aura's EP "THREE CHEERS FOR THE AMERICAN BEAUTY" here.

Luna Aura Online: Website | Facebook | Instagram | Twitter


Breaking genre norms seemed to have worked for Florida native POORSTACY. Whether you're a hip hop fan who discovered him on Soundcloud in 2019 or only recently found his indie/alternative side through Spotify's top rock playlists, POORSTACY's range and variety is one of his greatest assets. His latest track "Hills Have Eyes," sees a collaboration with Travis Barker that amplifies his indie/gloom aesthetic even more. Check it out here.

POORSTACY Online: SoundCloud | Facebook | Instagram | Twitter


Toronto based singer MELANIE? has just a released a bluesy love ballad with the slickest guitar riffs on this list. "Be Careful With My Heart," has it all with groovy guitar parts and a pop presence just subtle enough to keep people dancing. Check out the new single here.

MELANIE? Online:Website | Facebook | Instragam | Twitter

Royal Blood

British rock duo Royal Blood have announced their third studio album along with the release of a couple new singles. The new LP Typhoons, will be available April 30th, but fans can check out the album's title track here. When announcing the album the band explained "Typhoons is what it sounds like to be truly lost in your own thoughts to a hellish extent but also about how dark spells, much like storms are not permanent."

Royal Blood Online: Website | Facebook | Instagram | Twitter

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