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Welcome to Rock Is Dead's NEW TUNES list for March 2021. Here we break down the newest music from the world of rock, alternative, indie and everything in between. Whether it's a new band on the rise or a seasoned vet, the NEW TUNES list has everything.


Vintage Boring -"Small Space"

Meet Vintage Boring, the alternative-indie band who just released their debut EP Small Space. The trio based in Toronto has been playing together since university and has selected a few of their best tracks for their first official release. If you're into collective harmonies, beautiful instrumentation and good road trip tunes, check out their single "Small Space" now.

Vintage Boring Online: Website | Facebook | Instagram | Spotify | Apple Music

Jade Bird - "Open up the heavens"

After her highly successful debut album Jade Bird dropped in 2019, the English folk rock songwriter hit the road with her electric live show that sold out dates across North America and Europe. Obviously we'll have to wait a little longer to see Jade Bird live again, but until then we can feast our ears on her latest release "Open up the heavens." Produced by legendary producer Dave Cobb (Brandi Carlile, Rival Sons, Crown Lands) the new song is classic Jade Bird with a more melodic twist.

Jade Bird Online: Website | Facebook | Instagram | Twitter | Spotify | Apple Music

Dohny Jep -"Looking In"

Based in Kent, England Dohny Jep originally started as a duo before becoming a full fledged rock band. Their debut album was released independently and saw their single "Dreamer" premier on the BBC. Over the past year, the band has been writing extensively and will release a series of new EPs through Favour The Brave Records. Check out their new single "Looking In" if you're into big drums, loud guitars and pop-synth melodies.

Dohny Jep Online: Website | Facebook | Instagram | Twitter | Spotify | Apple Music

True Villains -"Dig Your Grave"

While Nashville might have a reputation for country music, its budding rock scene has been the epicentre of up and coming bands for a while now. With some of the world's best musicians and producers based in the Music City, it's the new place for rock n' roll. Most recently out of Nashville is True Villains, the Steel Panther tour mates who pride themselves on pop hooks and fast guitars. Their new single "Dig Your Grave" was produced by legendary rock producer Nick Raskulinecz and is out today!

True Villains Online: Website | Facebook | Instagram | Twitter | Spotify | Apple Music

The L.A. Maybe - "Sucker Punch"

Remember when Baby Yoda sang Sweet Child O'Mine? If you're confused then click here to get caught up. Turns out the band who did the music and vocals for that parody is a six-piece rock band from the Carolinas called The L.A. Maybe. Their lead singer Alvi Robinson was one of only four singers to audition for AC/DC back in 2016 when the band needed a replacement for Brian Johnson, and while that job eventually went to Axl Rose, The L.A. Maybe continued to make music. Their newest single "Sucker Punch" just dropped and will appear on the band's debut album Dirty Damn Tricks out March 26th. Check out The L.A. Maybe if you're a fan of AC/DC, GN'R and Mötley Crüe.

The L.A. Maybe Online: Website | Facebook | Instagram | Spotify | Apple Music

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