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Below is the November edition of Rock Is Dead's Monthly Round Up. It's the list of new artists in the rock(ish) world that you should be checking out!


1) ren

Credit Hayden Wolf

Kicking off this month’s list we have ren; the 17-year-old from Toronto who just signed with Geffen Records. Having reached over 7 million streams online, even before getting signed to a major label, ren was initially introduced to the world as an alternative pop artist with similarities to Billie Eilish. However, her latest single idc completely changed the narrative and ended her up on Rock Is Dead this month. The track has a heavy chorus, catchy guitar riffs and all the 90s nostalgia the music industry has been craving lately. Her debut EP is expected to be released in early 2020, and it will be interesting to see where her sound ultimately ends up. In the meantime, ren will be gracing Toronto’s Longboat Hall on November 27th supporting Geoffroy. Check out ren if you’re into Hole, Billie Eilish or Yungblud.

ren Online: Instagram | Twitter | YouTube

2) Bo Welland

Credit @fra_films

Bo Welland is yet another garage rock band getting their start here in Toronto. Comprised of brothers Jack and Harrison Reddon, Jack Bulger, Joe Narducci and saxophonist (!!) Tony Rosenberg, these guys have experience playing with each other for almost a decade. Paying their dues at local venues like Lee’s Palace, The Horseshoe Tavern and The Mod Club, Bo Welland has made quite the jump in 2019 from your typical university cover band to hometown heroes here in Toronto. After an impressive run of shows during Canada’s Indie Week, the band was awarded “Best of the Fest”, which only added to their celebrations of a recently released single; Wonderland In The Sky. Bo Welland have more singles coming in 2020 along with some New Year shows in Montreal, Ottawa and Toronto beginning Jan 2nd. Check out Bo Welland if you’re into The Strokes, Weezer and Fade Awaays. Bo Welland Online: Facebook | Instagram | YouTube

3) Hero The Band

Next we have one of the latest exports from Lava Records; Hero The Band. Lava has been known for breaking the careers of alternative artists like Lorde, Jessie J and Greta Van Fleet, and have recently found themselves getting more and more involved in the alternative rock world. Comprised of four brothers, Hero The Band (or HTB) hails from a musical family and are cited to have grown up singing at church, starting between ages 2-5 years old. HTB truly has a sound for everyone with their unique style of music covering all elements of hard rock, hip hop and pop. Their vision is to continue blurring the lines of genre, with a focus on creating respectable music which doesn't need to fit into a specific category. Check out Hero The Band if you’re into Imagine Dragons, Holy Water or Rage Against the Machine.

Hero The Band Online: Facebook | Instagram | Website | Twitter

4) Lemon Bucket Orkestra

This month we have some veterans on the list, with Lemon Bucket Orkestra. This ten-piece guerrilla punk orchestral polka group (yup, that’s right) have been performing in and around Southern Ontario for about a decade now and show no signs of slowing down anytime soon. They definitely will not be featured on your favourite rock stations, but the vibe and aesthetic of this band is very rock n’ roll. If you’ve ever had the honour of witnessing one of their shows live you would have been subject to lots of singing, dancing and great instrumentation. The abundance of vodka is usually flowing through the crowd, and audience participation is highly encouraged. Their next performance will be at the City of Toronto’s Cavalcade of Lights holiday kick off on November 30th at 7pm. Check out Lemon Bucket Orkestra if you’re into Lindsey Stirling, Bond or Tintamare.

Lemon Buck Orkestra Online: Facebook | Instagram | Website | Twitter

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