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Pearl Jam to Bring Iconic MTV Unplugged Set to Streaming Platforms this October

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After wrapping up their first American tour in 1992 the Seattle based band Pearl Jam headed to New York City on March 16th to record a live set for the iconic MTV Unplugged series.

While recording the performance, nobody realized how legendary these stripped down, acoustic sets would become, resonating with new fans years later. The "unplugged" approach to music was a huge craze in the 90s and saw everyone from Nirvana to Eric Clapton turn their classic hits into acoustic tracks while being performed in front of a live audience (Both Nirvana and Clapton would win Grammys for their Unplugged albums).

Fast forward to Record Store Day 2019 when Pearl Jam released their famed acoustic MTV set on vinyl for the very first time. Fans (including the editor of Rock Is Dead) lined up for hours with the hopes of getting their hands on a copy. With each mom and pop record store only have access to a few copies of the album, fans had to be meticulous in deciding where to line up first.

Now, a year later the band is blessing fans once again and releasing their MTV Unplugged set on streaming platforms and on CD and vinyl once again on October 22nd 2020.

Pre-order information for the CD & vinyl can be found here.

Pearl Jam Online: Website | Facebook | Instagram | Twitter | Spotify | Apple Music

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