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Students Getting Ready For Upcoming Semester With Monthly "School Night" Sessions

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Earlier this year, LA based music collective School Night made their debut North of the Border. The Toronto division of the highly successful new music showcase series, sees monthly shows in Toronto hosted on the last Monday of every month. The shows are aimed at young people discovering new and emerging artists from their home town, with the hope of inspiring a local music scene. In the days of streaming and online media, music is wonderfully universal these days, but cities are finding it harder and harder to develop a local community of musicians, bands and fans to gather on the regular to enjoy each other's creative company. The accessibility of music in the digital world is mostly positive, yet what's lacking is the human connection that's shared by a youthful gathering of mutually talented musicians, and a group of people willing to enjoy it amongst one another.

School Night Toronto brings people together with a shared love of music and talent, and is careful in catering to all genres of music. School Night has seen showcases developed to a particular theme, such as their Quebecois Night right before Osheaga, or present a varying degree of genres in a single night in order to please the masses. A single night could host everyone from; a pop princess, an alternative indie duo and/or a Metallica/Nirvana fusion band that might make your ears bleed, in the best way possible.

School Night is getting ready for students to flock the city again next week, and promise to deliver an exciting lineup of new and meaningful artists ready to share their story. With FREE entry via RSVP and an early arrival time, this night is truly perfect for the struggling student, broke artist or gang of gen-z-ers ready for a cheap night on the town. Hosted monthly at The Drake Underground, you're going to want to make sure all your homework is done because, it's a school night.

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