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'WHAT DRIVES US' Dave Grohl Directs New Documentary Coming April 30th

No band starts off playing stadiums. Most have to pay their dues in the trenches of rock n' roll, playing every club and grungy dive bar from Seattle to Syracuse. But what gets them there? The mighty VAN.

In his third directing endeavour, Foo Fighters frontman Dave Grohl will explore the early days of van life for bands and musicians who drove miles and miles to get to their next gig. The documentary will premiere on Amazon Prime and will feature everyone from Slash & Duff McKagan to Lars Ulrich, The Edge, St. Vincent, Ringo Starr, Flea, Steven Tyler and many more!

Grohl stated: “This film is my love letter to every musician that has ever jumped in an old van with their friends and left it all behind for the simple reward of playing music. What started as a project to pull back the curtain on the DIY logistics of stuffing all of your friends and equipment into a small space for months on end eventually turned into an exploration of “why?” What drives us?”

WHAT DRIVES US: Website | Facebook | Instagram | Spotify | Apple Music

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