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Why Maroon 5 was a less than stellar choice for SBLIII

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Image via Maroon 5 's Instagram

The Super Bowl garners around 100 million viewers annually, for the final championship game of the National Football League. I'm going to take a wild guess, and assume that many people, like myself, don't tune in to pay attention to the actual game (more of an NHL fan over here).

The game is a party. For many it's just as exciting to watch for the notable attendees, the legendary anthem signers or for the infamous Pepsi sponsored halftime show. Halftime performers past have included, Sir Paul McCartney, Rolling Stones, Prince, Michael Jackson, Beyonce and Lady Gaga. This year Maroon 5 was chosen, and as expected, fell short to the typical Super Bowl standards........however, I don't think it's their fault... (okay, a little bit their fault, but not totally).

Maroon 5 was chosen due to the amount of performers who refused to participated because of the way the NFL has treated former player Colin Kaepernick, and his decision to protest during the national anthem in response to police brutality against African Americans. Big names like Cardi B, Rihanna and Jay Z all refused participation in protest to the leagues behaviour. Alas, we were stuck with Maroon 5.

Now Maroon 5 is good at what they do. In 2019, Maroon 5 makes catchy pop songs that all sound similar and essentially have the same shape and structure on each track. It's not like their 2005/2006 days where they were considered to border the indie, pop & rock charts and appealed to many. Now a days, they stick to a strictly pop millennial audience, which doesn't work come Super Bowl time. For the Super Bowl a recipe for success calls for one of either two things.

  1. A performer who dazzles with both talent and the ability to put on a Cirque du Soleil like performance ex. Beyonce, Gaga or Michael Jackson OR

  2. A rock n roll band who will bring back nostalgic hits, and use their frontman to hold 70,000 people in the palm of their hand.

Maroon 5 was clearly neither, & that paired along with a non-cohesive lineup, awkward dancing and random stripping made for the performance to be mediocre at best..... but at least SpongeBob made an appearance!

Below are some suggestions the NFL can use next year, who have yet to headline the Super Bowl Halftime show.

  • Foo Fighters

  • Gun N' Roses (Slash performed alone with the Black Eyes Peas at SB 45)

  • Red Hot Chili Peppers (played with Bruno Mars at SB 48, but hasn't headlined)

  • Taylor Swift (Might be unpopular, but she knows stadiums well and would bring out friends like Ed Sheeran)

  • Kanye West ( Ya, I hate him too, but it would be a killer show)

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